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Why have a site?

Updated: Jan 7

To some it may seem like a pointless venture. Who is going to read it? How are you going to promote it? These are just some of the questions that people will ask and they are questions that I ask myself too. Hopefully this will all become clear as time goes on and the new blog posts keep coming.

My degree along with my time and experience working in marketing has taken me to a lot of different places and it has provided me with some unforgettable moments. In addition to these great moments, my work has allowed me to meet and work with great people who have had a big influence on my life and more recently I have noticed that these people have complimented my writing style, some have even encouraged me to start my own online projects. This is advice that I have listened to and I have started projects but unfortunately abandoned them at an early stage. If I was asked whether I regret starting these ventures and not following them through then the answer is of course no, it sounds very cliche but I do honestly believe that you always pass failure on the way to success and I use these failed projects as a learing curve. I started this page because when it is a page personal to yourself, it is impossible for it to fail. If I have periods of inactivity then that will be because I am busy doing other things, my previous projects have not taken off due to them requiring regular attention. In contrast, this page is a personal one therefore I can contribute whenever I want, which takes a lot of pressure off.

So what is it going to involve?

The answer is simple, anything I want it to involve. I have a big passion for music, sport (particularly football), art and design and these subjects will probably be a recurring theme throughout. As much as I want it to be personal, there will also be a professional element to this site so I will be writing blog posts about where I am in the world, what projects I am working on and I will hopefully be writing about some personal achievements picked up along the way.

In addition to all of this, I do listen to a lot of podcasts and this is due to my lifestyle. I take a lot of public transport and I work a lot in an office environment so the pods help me through that. I would like to review a lot of them, whether people care or not is another thing but if I can review them and look through my thoughts later then that will be nice.

What I really want is to simply have a platform where I can vent my thoughts and opinions whilst showcasing my achievements and proud moments. If it is also happens to help me get that new job or connect with that new person along the way then that will be a big bonus. My writing style is by no means perfect but I hope that it makes for good reading.


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