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Thoughts - Reigniting My Seaside Love

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Costa del Morecambe - a beautiful seaside town.

Yes, apart from the costa del part I’m being serious.

Those who have met me through travelling or in Manchester through work and university will have heard me mock, insult and potentially dread going back to my hometown of ‘sunny Morecambe’. However the truth is, it is probably number one on the long list of things that I’ve taken for granted and it has taken a nationwide lockdown to help me realise that.

I definitely make it clear a lot of the time that I am a city person and I stand by that. I love the tall buildings, the busyness and the great mix of people but it is sometimes good to take a step back and appreciate the little things around you. Morecambe has been the perfect place to help me do just that.

The promenade here has been a lifesaver. It has been my running route, a view for one of the best sunsets in the country, a place to catch up with my mum and reminisce about old times, a good source of fresh air and the ideal path to let off some steam and get away from the house for alone time.

With views like this, it's really hard not to love it at times.

When the world isn’t being shut down by a pandemic like this one, Morecambe is the land of the £2 pint and amazing fish and chips. An added bonus is that it is only about a couple of hours drive away from Windermere and the Lake District which is a beautiful place in itself.

Of course, British seaside towns do seem to be dying a death and that is evident here too, there aren’t many northern towns by the sea that seem to be looking perfect. Down south you have places like Bournemouth, Brighton, Weymouth and basically the whole of Devon that seem to be thriving still in the summer months, flooding with tourists and day trippers. However, things aren’t that easy up here, only Blackpool seems to get a lot of people visiting and let's be honest, it isn’t the prettiest place in the world.

Despite the negatives, good things could be on their way to Morecambe in particular, that’s if plans for a northern based Eden Project do land here. If that doesn’t happen then I guess nothing will change but the people of the town will still get those glorious views at sunset, cheap pints and a decent chippy. All of that is enough to keep a lot of people happy forever and you can’t fault that.

I definitely won’t be here forever and I still have plans to move away but thanks to these strange times I definitely appreciate Morecambe a lot more and my eyes have been opened as to why people like it here.

There, I said it.

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