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T - A woman that inspires (Published)

Updated: Oct 3

So before I get into this post, I'm really happy to say that I've been published online for the first time. I've only just got into this writing malarkey and it means a lot to have my work recognised so quickly. If anyone wants to show it some love, the link is here:

To give this piece some background, Vocal Media have recently released a competition on inspirational women, in aid of Women's History Month. It was sent my way by a friend and as soon as I read through the brief, I was eager to start writing straight away. Anyway, I'm rambling as usual, have a read for yourself below...

T - A woman that inspires

Talking about a boss woman

Have you ever met someone who just oozes style and encapsulates the word boss from the very moment you meet them? Well I have and she is the very reason I’m sitting here and writing this post today.

Now, when I first saw an opportunity to write about women that inspire me, I have to admit, the list is long and it would take me days to explain why. I have some amazing women in my family that have inspired me throughout my life so far but the first name that sprung to mind when I saw this competition was Tegan’s and let me explain why.

Tegan is a woman that gives off positivity in everything she does from the minute she wakes up to the end of the day, no matter how tough things seem to be for her. You can see it in the way she dresses, the way she tells a story and the way she has a smile on her face 24/7. Tegan is the type of person who could make friends with a wall if you left her with it long enough, she is a chatterbox but when she is chatting, you always wanna listen. I am never surprised when she tells me that she made a new friend while waiting for a flight, whilst checking into a new place or even starting a new job because making friends is what she does and she does it well. Her good energy is there to be seen and it is extremely contagious.

Good times in NZ, where she drove for miles without a complaint in the world.

That very positivity is what makes her so inspiring, even through the most testing times. At the time of writing this, she is sitting on the other side of the world without any friends or family nearby, a job or a consistent source of income and there is no certain date of when she can get home. Yet in typical Tegan fashion she isn’t letting it get her down. Instead, she is spending her time entering writing competitions, adapting her website, planning for her future and keeping herself as busy as possible. Of course right now, it is a strange time for everyone with so much uncertainty in the world and it is so easy to let that bring you down, especially when you’re alone. However, it'll take a lot more than a global pandemic to bring someone like Tegan down.

Now when I talk about her being a boss woman, I mean it. I’m talking about a woman that responds to negativity with pure love and happiness and that is proven. She hit back at racial hate by talking about the pride she has in her family and her roots. She doesn't just sit around and take unnecessary abuse, she is a proud woman and she stands up for what she believes in and if that isn’t an inspiring quality in any person, then I don’t know what is.

That pride shows through her work.

When I first met Tegan she helped to bring me out of quite a difficult place, I’d had a tough couple of months and probably wasn’t dealing with it in the best possible way, to put it kindly. She doesn’t even know it but she helped me move forward by just being herself, talking about her experiences and encouraging me in any of the creative work that I do. She’s the biggest hype-man anyone could wish for, constantly reminding me of my talent and improving my self-belief. Without meeting her I wouldn't even have the courage to take up writing and I certainly wouldn't have even thought about posting this piece.

One thing that myself and many others would say, and have said, is that with Tegan, what you see is what you get. She is a creative writer, a poet, a teacher, a fashionista, an amazing story teller and the most independent person I think I’ve ever met. However, from a personal point of view, I think that the most important thing is that she is a massive inspiration and that in itself is something that is worth sharing with the world.

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