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So what have I been up to?

Updated: Oct 3

We’ve entered a new year and I am finally back to the blog! To say it has been a long time since I’ve posted on here would be an understatement, posts were coming through thick and fast during Lockdown 1.0, however since that ended, things have gone a bit quiet on this site to say the least.

If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t even thought about posting on here as I have been extremely busy with my day-to-day job, my other projects and some voluntary work with other organisations. 2020 was a bastard of a year, as we all know, but I have to say I am very proud of how busy I have been and how many projects I’ve managed to successfully commit to.

So! It’s time to cut the chit-chat and actually show you what I have been working on and who I have been working with. To make it easier to read through I’ve made the below list, check it out if you get some time, it might even entertain you for a minute!

Vinyl Chapters - Most of my time away from my day job has been spent working with this great site and its mega founder and editor Jamie Parmenter. Every review and feature I’ve written has been extremely enjoyable and as someone that is mad about music, it has helped me find some sick new tunes and artists - Have a gander at some of my work below.



FMP - So this is actually the organisation that I work for on a daily basis and despite only starting my role there in May last year, they’ve already given me the opportunity to write stories for the company website and take control of the LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn Page - Flexible Medical Packaging Limited

Website Story - So What Positive Changes Have We Seen at FMP?

Running (w/ Nike Run Club) - So anyone that knows me well will have seen how much I chat and post about running on my personal accounts, I have managed to stay fairly consistent with this during 2020. One of my biggest achievements through lockdown was hitting a distance of 15km on a run, now it’s time to keep improving and finally hit that half-marathon distance (21.0975km) in 2021!

Lancaster City FC - I’m absolutely mad about football and it has been a lot of fun working with the media team at my local football club. I’ve so far managed to help out with writing match reports, writing match previews and contributing to the club’s Instagram and Twitter pages on a match day. However, progress in this role has unfortunately taken a backseat recently due to the dreaded C-word.

Chicken Shack - Now this is a project that started with a few good friends made on my travels in New Zealand, it took a backseat for a while but a lot of behind the scenes work is going on right now. Expect big things in 2021 but for now, if you wanna know more then just check the Instagram page out.

Other - Finally, I have had work published with a few more sites including a feature with FoodFutures in Lancaster, posts on subjects close to my heart with VocalMedia and a short story on StorySeed, links of which are below.

All of the above sounds a bit me, me, me and it isn’t my usual style but this is a personal blog and I wanted to create a place in which I can look back on the work that I’ve produced in 2020. There is a lot to look back on and that is something that I will forever be proud of after a year of setbacks and uncertainty.

I know so many others that have achieved so much despite the shit that Covid-19 and all of the issues that come with it have caused for them. I firmly believe that if you’ve simply learnt a new skill, studied a new subject or even watched something educational through one of the many days spent indoors then you have been productive and absolutely nothing can take that away from you.

So anyway… That’s my rambling done and that is what I have been up to lately! I’m starting this year with plenty of positive energy, optimism and hope that some sort of normality can resume as time passes and vaccines are rolled out.

Big love to anyone that has read through this post, I hope that you take care, stay safe and have a sick 2021!

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