ABOUT ME & My Site


2019 - Puhoi, New Zealand

Hi! I'm Andrew, or Andy (Whichever one you prefer)


Some very brief information on me: I'm in my mid-twenties and I graduated in 2017, I've spent most of my time since then travelling the world but right now, I'm in the world of full-time work.

Welcome to my site. It's basically a place in which I've centralised all of my thoughts, published work and projects in one place.

I feel that it is all well and good having a CV but I want to show more. I've created a place for people to see my activities, advice, experiences and opinions on topics that are important to me. I've got a lot more to show than just my history of employment on a couple of pages and I'm hoping that this site proves that.

Happy viewing! If you want to keep up with anything new on the site then just whack your email in the subscribe form below.